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At St James, Leith 2018

Welcome to Adventfest 2018 – a wee arts festival for a big time of year…. On the cusp of the festive season we invite you to pause, and come together for a weekend of inspiration – an Advent flicker of light in the winter darkness.

Our theme ‘In The Falling Dark’ is borrowed from the title of a song by the great Canadian songwriter Bruce Cockburn (who visits The Queens Hall in Edinburgh this very November). The season of Advent always reminds us that there’s a great light coming our way, even when days seem dark - and proceeds from this year’s events will go to support the work of the Cyrenians – working with the homeless and vulnerable in Edinburgh, to transform their lives.

Earthbound while everything expands

So many grains of sand

Slipping from hand to hand

Catching the light and falling into dark

The world fades out
like an overheard remark

In the falling dark

Light pours from a million radiant lives

Off of kids and dogs and the hard-shelled husbands and wives

All that glory shining around
and we're all caught taking a dive

And all the beasts of the hills around shout,
"Such a waste! Don't you know
that from the first to the last
we're all one in the gift of grace!"

Bruce Cockburn

Rory Butler and Band  Saturday 1st Dec

Pádraig Ó Tuama  Sunday 2nd Dec

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